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How can I send out referral emails or make a link on my blog?

I regularly work with small to mid-size companies that ask me about my phone systems when they see me using the softphone on my computer, or they interact with my call routing tree. So I end up showing them my phones and apps, and explaining how I manage my communications.

Over the past few years I've "sold" 8-10 systems and got credit from my previous vendor for most of them (sometimes the people didn't follow my link or mention my name when purchasing). RingCentral seems to have a similar referral program, but I'm having trouble figuring out how it works.

The first problem can be seen in the following picture. The "Option 1" area is supposed to have links below the text, but I never saw those links when using Firefox or Chrome on my Mac. I was looking all around for three weeks before using Safari one day and finally seeing the missing links - see the second picture below.

The second problem is that when I finally found the icons there are options for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but not for sending emails to my clients, and there's no information about how to add a coded link to my website/blog. The social media options all want me to give permission to post messages in my account, and access my contacts and other information. I'm not about to give anyone permission for that - does anyone actually do that? In the past, with other companies like this, they had a simple account identifier to include on the end of a URL so I could send emails or put links on my website for referrals. How can do that with RingCentral?


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