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ISO Ring Central Installer in San Franicsco

I am in search of a Ring Central installer who could come to our small office in San Francisco and help customize our system.  We have had it for only 5 months and already have a corrupt extension and what feels to be a myriad of other issues that I don't have the physical time to address. Please let me if there is anyone out there! We are a financial services firm, so require some more "traditional" settings.  Please email me at
Thank you.
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Hi Stephanie,   I've passed your information on to one of your reseller representatives.  Someone should be getting in touch with you soon. 

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Sorry for for the inconvenience.  When you open a case vs. sending a standard email, it not only adds an extra layer of security, but, it helps assure your issue gets responded to in a more timely manner. When you open a case, and log into your account then we immediately have access to all of your account information rather than having to reply back an forth and ask for, or verify additional details. Then once your case is opened it allows us to forward or escalate the issue to the most appropriate person rather than forwarding email and depending on each person to check their email.  This way there is a record in the system for all support agents to see. I realize this may not be ideal for every person but I hope you understand. 

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Why wouldnt a business have an "contact us" option or email? It seems very silly. If someone in billing can answer a phone, why not an email? It is 2015. Every business has at least a general email box or a way to contact them digitally. Why doesnt ring central?

i am on the phone with clients most days and like to email while I am on the phone -  Multi tasking.

What I require is options. I want to know what my options are if I chose to stay with Ring Central or take my business else where?

I want to know what Ring central offers for renewing? Discount price? Incentive etc etc. Its a competative business and others offer the service. Sending me a renewal notice by email, and not being able to reply back via email is very very silly.Still scratching my head on this one?

Since we are a business you would think, they would have an account manager contact me with options or better yet, have an email to billing to ask these questions? I havent been overly impressed with the service and now with all this "auto billing" non-sense I am very frustrated by the lack of contact and concern from Ring central.

So far in the last 24 hours, I have got no where with Ring Central nor has anyone contacted me with options to keep my business????????
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Ok, I will try that now - opening a case. Fingers crossed that works?

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