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Cannot send fax. Server error occurred.

Ring Central has LOST a lot of credibility with me in the last year. I have NEVER used any Ring Central features other than the fax. I don't do conference calls or group texts or other great features they supposedly have. I use Ring Central ONLY for faxing. So I cannot attest to anything else they offer.

First, I started receiving calls from my Softphone on my desktop from no one. Finally got rid of that issue.

Second, in using the OLD softphone (the darker blue version)...I never had a problem sending ANY number of pages of faxes at one time. My business requires faxing each week and at times SEVERAL PAGES. But now, with the NEW softphone (the lighter blue, modern version), I'm having trouble sending faxes with a 20mb limit. It's only 9 pages! So now I have to split each fax!

Third, with the faxes that are more than 5 pages...I keep getting a "Cannot send fax. Server error occurred." notice.

I keep getting email after email from Ring Central with all their "features" and enhancements but each time they do...they make the BASIC functions of what I originally purchased this for WORSE each time!

The "support" system is a joke. It does not help at all and many of the tutorials and help pages show the OLD RingCentral for Desktop instructions. Can someone please assist? My work requires things to be submitted timely. I appreciate ANY help I can get at this point or I'm going to have to move on. Thank you.
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Hello Christian,

Sorry if the fax service has not worked to your expectations. We'll do our best to help resolve any issues you are having. You mention several things and I'll try to help you out with any outstanding problems.

If you are still using the old Legacy SoftPhone, I encourage you to download RingCentral for Desktop with is the newer version (not the OLD version as stated in your last paragraph).  RC for Desktop is the newer version so our Product Team devotes most of it's resources to improving that application. It will likely be more reliable going forward.

Internet faxing is more complicated than traditional faxing and when a fax fails, it's usually due to some sort of network issue. Not necessarily on your local network, but somewhere on the internet. If you are sending faxes and they frequently fail even though they are under the 20 MB limit then feel free to use this link to Open a Case and report the date, time, relevant phone numbers etc so  our support team can look into this for you.

Many of our new product features and changes are a result of customer request.  If something isn't working the way you like, or you would like to see a certain change or improvement we encourage you to search our "idea" topics and click the "like" button on the ones you would like to see implemented. If you don't see an exiting topic, feel free to create a new post. 

I hope this helps.


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I appreciate at your attempt to answer my concerns. Unfortunately, this didn't solve anything. Let me reiterate:

1. I "used" to have the old Legacy SoftPhone (the darkblue skin). It was VERY reliable. I actually did NOT want to upgrade to the RingCentral for Desktop. Unfortunately, it did start having bugs whenever I opened the would attempt to automatically open my Outlook, which I didn't want it to do.

2. I finally downloaded the RC for Desktop and my situation worsened. First, the 20mb limit. I don't know if the 20mb limit has always been in effect, but I've never reached the limit when I used the old Legacy SoftPhone. Now with the new RC for Desktop, I can't even attach more than 6 pages before reaching the "limit". When I log ONLINE to, I can use the FAXOUT option using the online version and NEVER come across the 20mb limit for the SAME files. While that might be a decent's NOT a solution. I like using the Desktop Apps as I can just drag and click the files to the fax. I also find using the "print as fax" options very convenient...when it works.

So to reiterate...I cannot use the RC for Desktop because the 20mb limit pops up whenever I have something more than 6 pages. But when I use the online version I have no problems. Please FIX the RC for Desktop.

3. Even if I can get it under the 20mb limit, I click "SEND" and after about a minute an error message pops up "CANNOT SEND FAX. A SERVER ERROR OCCURRED." I try again. Same thing. I try several times. Same thing. If I only send 2 or 3's usually fine. But any larger or more pages...the message pops up. Again, if I use the online version, it works fine. There are no error messages.

So I hope I've clarified myself. In the meantime...I will use the online version. But I will certainly be on the market for alternatives. Thanks for your timely assistance.

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Hi Christian,  You should be able to send 6 pages. From what you are explaining, this sounds like more of a network issue.  Our support team can try to troubleshoot this if you want to  Open a Case .  If possible provide an example, time, date, that you attempted to send the fax and copy and paste the error message into the ticket when you open it.  

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