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Conference Call: Overview & touch tone commands

Host Touch Tone CommandFeature keysExplanation
Caller Count *#2Allows host to get a count of how many callers are on the call 

Exit Conference *#3 Allows the host to exit the conference

Menu Instructions
*#4 Plays a menu of touch tone commands 

Listening Modes
*#5 There are  3 different listening modes for the participants Default mode is  Open Conversation mode
Press  *#5 once to mute all the participants
The audience can unmute themselves by pressing  *6 for questions, or to allow guest speakers the option to speak
Press  *#5 for the second time to put all the participants on mute without the capability of unmuting themselves
Press  *#5 for the third to return to  Open Conversation mode Mute *#6Places your line on mute

Pressing  *#6 again will unmute your line Security *#7Allows the host to secure the conference and block all other callers attempting to enter the conference

Pressing  *#7 again to reopen the conference to all callers Tone Control *#8The  default setting is  Entry and  Exit tones  ON

Press  *#8 once to set  entry and exit tones OFF
Press  *#8 for the second time to set the  Entry tone OFF, Exit tone ON
Press  *#8 for the third time to set the  Entry tone ON, Exit tone OFF
Press  *#8 for the fourth time to set the conference back in default mode, with both  Entryand  Exit tones ON Record Your Conference *9Press  *9 once to  START Recording
Press  *9 again to  STOP and  SAVE the Recording
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