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Desktop App with Desk Phones

Account Type: Office
Desktop App Version:
OS: WIndows 10

Set up: My office currently has (5) Polycom IP phones, the majority are VVX 310/410. Each user also has a Plantronics wireless headset, specifically: CS500 Series - Over-the-ear (CS530).

Question: I've been playing around with the features and settings and realize that we aren't using the full functionality of the desktop app. Our users will primarily use the HUD to watch presence and the app to view messages, send texts and faxes. But, I realize that we can't actually control the call (once it has been answered) via the desktop app. Features like transferring, hold, etc aren't available on the app while we are in a live call. Also, while testing these features (using test calls since our headsets aren't linked to the app) I realized that when I answered a call via the desktop app it did not reflect that on our desk phones.
NOTE: I am going to try an attach a screenshot of the in-call features we cannot use currently, if this process eventually allows me to attach one.

Thoughts: I'm guessing that our current configuration is somehow bypassing the desktop app, when it should actually be linked with our phones and headsets.

Configuration: Currently we run the ethernet connection from the wall directly to the desk phone, and then an ethernet connection from the phone to the computer. Any suggestions for how to also include the desktop app in this configuration? And how to have our headsets identified by Windows?
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Thanks for the info, Mike. I'm guessing that our current Plantronics headsets won't work with the desktop app/PC,  correct me if I am wrong though. So the only way to make this happen would be to utilize a second headset, one that is designed to work with the computer?
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Correct, you may want to look at a good USB headset, unless you have the need to toggle back and forth between desk phone and soft phone. 

If you want something that can potentially work with the deskphone and RC Desktop App, take a look at Plantronic's web site here:

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Okay, makes perfect sense. I'm fine with the setup as is, just thought I was missing something.

Thank you for your help.
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Your welcome. 
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Hello Brandon, there's nothing wrong with the way you have your phones set up. The issue is that the deskphone and softphone (RC Desktop App), are not designed to work simultaneously. However, If you take a call via the deskphone, and then want to utilize any of the softphone functionality, you can use the Call Flip feature. This allows you a method of switching from the Desktphone and Desktop App or vise versa (including the mobile app).  

Here are a couple links that should help you out. 
  How to use the Call Flip feature
  How to setup the Call Flip feature through your RingCentral Online Account

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