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Ring Central Support is a mess imo, Probably lost me as a customer

I really hate to put this, I wanted it to work because I think you have a pretty good product but I have had nothing but issues for the last 9 months since I started using you guys. I have 20 tickets in my cue granted some are duplicates for same issue but some issues I never even opened a tickets just called in. Hopefully my problems are unique or I feel really bad for a lot of people.

Im going to list a few things I think are the issues as last time I posted here was when my problem got fixed and not before I posted here. It seems like my main phone attached to my main line is not a priority and its acceptable to not work for close to 5 days.

My phones are setup on a static IP which I have had thought are maybe why I seem to have so many issues why Im not sure they shouldnt but it seems to be the only thing it could be or you would have a ton of irate customers.

The way support works for problems past "level 1" is absolutely stupid. I should not have to call in each time and take 20 mins to get through level one support to talk to level 2,  Wait for a call sometime in next 24 hours. Then 30 minutes talking to them and then wait 48 hours for level 3 on an open issue. The pass me around and make me wait is unacceptable. NOT to mention if I happen to be doing business stuff and MISS that phone call one time I have to basically start at the beginning again. Meanwhile I get email if I dont update my case they will consider it closed all while Im trying to get help. I dont really feel like RING Central as a company cares that I have invested probably 5-6 hours a month since I started using you guys to just keep my basic phone service working. I understand issues with telecom company they are inevitable but this is ridiculous and an ongoing basis.

since I have started my toll free number has stopped working 3 times and I was never aware until a customer would finally call my non toll free # and let me know then it would take 3 days to get it back working. how much business did this cost me? I was always told it was a carrier issue well I never had that issue with this number I have owned for over 10 years until I moved here.

Sales talked me into this also stupid shared line feature because I wanted 2 phones to ring on the same number (I wont even go into the bigger mess and lies from sales that I had before I was using shared line which are a book in their own) It seems like shared line just plain confuses everyone in Tech along with static IP which may be accounted for some of the features I lost because people just didnt know to tell me. But if they dont know how am I supposed to know until its too late and they are lost. Then Im 2 scared to switch back because I will have to deal with support again which always just ends up in nothing working for 2-3 days. Features I am referring to are mainly the ring out to your cell feature, I wanted basically 2 phones and a cell to ring of my main line being I dont have a secretary to sit by and answer calls and its hard for me to be tied to a desk in a 7000sqft building when Im all over it running my biz. If your using a shared line you cant ring to cell also, which would have been a deal breaker to use that feature. The other is now my toll free number will only ring to my cell phone not the desk phones why again I do not know neither has tech when I called about it. Not to mention I will be sitting in front of phone and it will never ring but a missed call or message will pop up on my computer way more than im comfortable with. Honestly I feel like I missing a fair amount of calls.

UPDATES, updates are important I am sure but when I am spending days to get my phone working and I here from support that "oh your issue is common everyone with this update is effected" WTF batman do you not make a update not break my phone connection then it takes 5 days to fix it OR maybe implement the update differently and roll it out slowly. I purchased this phone from you and your service from you I should not have to be updating it our wondering what to do. IF I NEED TO DO something provide some freakin instructions instead of just letting my line go down. The last time I had an issue was from a update you cant tell me every 2 months when a update comes out I will lose phones for 2-3 or 5 days that is lunacy. 

My main beef is with support granted they seem like they care but bottom line is my phones do not work at all and it takes way too long to fix it. This is not residential peoples lively hood depends on their phones and a call back in 48 hours is not acceptable and the daisy chain of calls I need to place and receive to get to the right people is not acceptable. ME spending an average of 4-5 hours a months is stupid and not acceptable.

At this point im not sure if I will stay using ring central or not if I do I will be more than likely setting up a separate lan/router just for the ip phones with a dynamic address scheme getting rid of shared line feature adding a extra line to make up for shared line if you guys can guarantee me a better performance. Or I will gladly pay an extra 50-$100 a month to go back to TWC business now or some other carrier to not deal with this crap, and will be wanting out of my contract and mailing you back the $700 worth of phones I purchased from you.

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my problem is fixed, it took less than 30 sec once i was told what to do. It just took talking to the correct person and adjusting the provising server settings from secure to non secure would seem like something more of the support would know to do? I understand problems are always easier in hindsight once you know the answer but 5 days of a non working polycom phone for a simple setting? If this was a update issue on how your local servers connected to the phones maybe the people who put the update in place would inform tech? it really would seem like it to me as someone who has a limited network background at best would probably be able understand the difference in protocol and forward it. 

I would guess this is the last i will here from everyone at ring central until i start making a stink again or my credit card expires and i get plenty of calls to update to a new number.

thanks for the help sorta but not really
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I've sent a request to have our Executive Response Team look into this and contact you. You should hear from someone shortly. 

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