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HIPAA Conduit

I have had ring central account for 4 years and had a BAA and started using it since I it was HIPAA compliant and we  tracked all users.  The voice mails and faxes were forwarded to my email and I would use the email or the app based on the availability and the work setting to check voice mails and faxes.

I called in yesterday to ask about GLIP and I was asked to check the box for HIPAA conduit which I did.

Since then I am not receiving voice messages and faxes on my email.

I have a BAA with my email provider and the service is HIPAA complaint as well.

We use email only for internal communications.

Now my question is why all of a sudden then there is the HIPAA conduit which somehow is supposed to make it  "HIPAA compliant" which is saying that it has not been for the past 2-3 years I have been using the system and I have a BAA agreement and also assurance from ring central that it is HIPAA compliant.

In addition removing the ability to have voicemails and faxes forwarded to email is a hassle and disrupts our workflow.

I think this is a step back in the regressive direction when Microsoft and other vendors are signing BAA agreements and putting things in place which enables ability to store and retrieve documents from multiple devices and various ways including ability to get documents in outlook (an email client) and ringcentral is taking a step back and removing features that made us use ring central in the first place.

This brings additional question: Is there anyway we can have the voicemails and faxes forwarded to email with HIPAA coduit enabled . If this cannot be done ringcentral does not offer anymore advantage than any cloud based PBX offered by my local phone company at half the price with internet connection and a landline thrown in for less about the same price. I have been paying for a internet connection and ring central for these additional features and without these advantage the extra expense is a waste and I could do away with ring central



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Sorry for the frustration.  I can't say for sure without seeing the previous history of the account, but it sounds like that was a setting that should have been turned on previously.   To be HIPAA compliant you can not have faxes sent as attachments.

Mike .  
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