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Yealinks do not detect base, miss calls, won't call out. Need Check List Please

Hello, We are a U.S. customer with both a Polycom land phone and 4 Yealink handsets on one of our extensions.  They are grouped to all ring together.

Frequently individual Yealinks lose connection with the W52P base.  I will be unable to make outgoing calls on any one or two of them.  Incoming calls will also only ring one or two of them, and never the ones attached to available employees lol.  The wired Polycom works 99.999% of the time.

It SEEMS like if I am using one constantly it is more likely to be connected though it is still not perfect.

These are replacement handsets and a replacement W52P wireless base so I doubt they are the problem.

At our other two less busy locations the Yealink phones while not perfect work considerably better.

What have I messed up in the settings or is there a list someplace I should go through to make sure some settings are not messed up?

Thanks guys.
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We'll look into this. First, can you tell us what sort of range, or distance from the base are the employees are when the phones lose connection?   

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FWIW to those of you reading this, I moved the base to a more isolated area out of the office and they have been working much better.

Perhaps it was too close to our router before?
Perhaps the confines of the office did something strange?
My phone actually shows more other interference out in the shop so who knows.

I'll report back later.
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While looking into this I see that you've opened a support case under Case #04220851.  Let us know if you need any followup. 

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Hello Mike.  It happens regardless of range.  I had one that had to resynchronize that was 3 feet from the base when I went to make an outgoing call.  If I am on a call I can go outside 50 or more feet away through a few walls!  They just lose contact with the base between calls.

I just closed a ticket with "level two".  They suggested I move the W52P box to someplace high and open. 
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Let us know if that works. I'm wondering if there's not something else interfering. Is there by any chance other wireless devices operating in the same area. 

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ABSOLUTELY there are other devices nearby.  I used my phone to do a wi-fi analysis and found 3 devices all near channel 10 or 11.  Two I can trace to us and a neighbor.  The third I can't figure out.  Maybe its the W52P?

Is there a way to change the frequency the W52P operates on to see if another frequency is cleaner?

And for what it is worth, over the last hour the phones might be better now that I moved the W52P.  We've been on them and I've been testing them pretty regular like though.

Thanks again.
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