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Print to Fax issue.

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by RingCentral:

I switched my VOIP to Nextiva years ago. I have kept
RC for faxing only, because it generally worked well, and it had a "print
to Fax" feature in the old legacy software. For a long time, RC did not
have  print to fax in the new downgrade. I see that it is actually there
now. I have stuck with the legacy version until today, when I was forced to
downgrade with no prior notice. Yes I knew that RC wants everyone on their new
downgrade, but they never sent a notice telling me that as of a particular date
the previously working version would cease to work, and that my only option was
to downgrade to a product that I don't want, and that has problems. In the new
downgrade, I get an error when attempting to view a cover page. Also, when
sending a fax, the "To:" fields do not get filled in on the cover
page. This worked fine on m the legacy version. What is RC thinking, to release
a product with such an obvious and basic feature not working? And one more t
hing - in the "Product Tour" it says that if I submit feedback
through the new downgraded product, RC will write back. But after submitting
feedback, a popup message says they won't reply. Which is it? 

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Joe Lavely, a moderator for
RingCentral, gave this reason for the change:

unrelated to new desktop app.

"error unrelated to new desktop"? I never had the error with the old softphone. And RC can't tell me why the error occurs, so how can it be determined that it is not related to the new desktop? It is at least a compatibility issue with Windows 7 or a conflict with other installed software.

This forum, among other things, is for RC customers to search for answers to issues with RC software. It is possible others have experienced this same error. They might post a solution and solve my problem, or I might find the answer and help someone else with the same problem.

Censorship is not the answer. Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: I prefer the old Legacy softphone, over the new Desktop for Windows/MAC softphone....
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Hello Joe,  Sorry this original post was removed.  It should have been moved, or merged into a new topic.   I'm following up on the messaging that states someone will write you back after submitting feedback. 

Regarding the Print to Fax, or any other issue,  you are welcome to post details here so we can help troubleshoot the issue, or of course you are welcome to open a support case online here:   Open a Case
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