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How do you change the time on the Polycom phone?

How do you change the time on the polycom phone? The time on my unit is set to westcoast time, but I'm in NYC.  Tried to search but the only info RingCentral gives is how to change the time and date format, not how to change the time itself.
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Yup already tried this, your the official rep? this only changes the format - (12 hour, 24 hour, date first before time, etc...) it does not actually allow you to change the physical time on the phone and set it manually yourself nor does it allow to adjust for the time zones. bottom line, it doesn't allow you to adjust the time on the phone unit.
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I don't have Polycom phones but everything I found when I researched this showed that Polycom phones can only be time adjusted through the NTP server (Network Time Protocol server). I didn't find any reference to where the time can be changed manually. Disclaimer...I could always be incorrect on this as I do not have Polycom phones but did research only on this.

Here are two sets of information I found on this:

Information Source #1:

The date and time on the phone can be set by synchronizing it with an NTP server (Network Time Protocol server). This can be done by logging into your Polycom phone through a web browser. Log into the IP address of the phone: for example.

  1. Choose the "General" tab
  2. Default username: "Polycom"
  3. Default password: "456"
  • Choose "Time"
  • SNTP Server:
  • GMT Offset: -5 for EST
    • -6 for CST
    • -7 for MST
    • -8 for PST
  • SNTP Resync Period: 86400

Choose "Submit" to submit your settings and reboot the phone.

There is one potential issue with Polycom phones and the time settings: The DHCP server will ALWAYS over-ride the time settings from the WWW interface. Therefore, if the time is not correctly set on your DHCP server (the server/router - where the Polycom phone obtains it's internal IP address) then the time will be incorrect on the phone itself.

If the above settings do not correct reset the time settings for the phone, then the phone is obtaining it's time settings from the DHCP server. You must then, check the DHCP server for the correct time.

Information Source #2

If you have a Polycom desktop or conference phone, you might notice that the Time and Date display is wrong or that the display is flashing. The method for fixing either of these display problems depends on how the phone is connected to a network and how it is configured.

How a Poly com Phone Gets Its Time and Date Information

Polycom VoIP phones get their current time and date over the network from a time server sometimes known as an NTP (Network Time Protocol) or SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) server. The phone must be configured with the correct time server address as well as the appropriate time and date settings. The time and date settings for the phone include the format, time zone (GMT offset), and daylight saving settings.

Problems with the Time and Date Information Displayed on the Phone

If the phone cannot connect to a time server, the time/date display on the phone will flash. If the time/date display is not flashing but is wrong, then either the GMT offset or daylight saving settings are incorrect on the phone, or the time is wrong on the time server.
If the Polycom phone is configured to use a DHCP server, the server gives the phone its IP address and acts as the phone's time server. If this is the case, check the DHCP servers time and date. If you want to override the DHCP servers time and force the phone to use another time server, you can do so by changing the phone's network settings.

Correcting the Time and Date Information Displayed on the Phone

If you have multiple phones configured by a provisioning server, verify the phones time and date settings on the server. These time and date settings can be changed in the XML template file used by the server and phone in this scenario. Refer to the phone softwares administrator guide for specific file names and parameters.

If the phone settings are not controlled by a provisioning server, you can check the Time and Date configuration using the phones Web interface. To access the Web interface, enter the phones IP address into a Web browsers address field. You can see the IP address on the phone's screen. When you log in to the Web interface, note that the default password for User is 123, and the default password for Admin is 456." Navigate to Preferences and then Date & Time, to verify or change the settings.

Other Things to Try

If none of these actions fixes your problem, make sure you are running the latest version of software on the phone, and check the release notes to determine whether any known issues exist. Some problems with time settings or interoperability with other devices on the network may be documented. If all else fails and the flashing or incorrect display is distracting, you can disable it altogether by changing the display format of the time and date in the phones local interface. From Menu navigate to Basic Settings, and then Preferences for Time & Date.

I hope this information assists you. In summation, everything I found always referred to the NTP server and nothing seemed to point to the ability to manually set the time.
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Hi Shelley, Sorry, that was indeed the wrong link, and I removed the post. You may have to do as Jan posted above and log into the IP address in Option 1 from Jan's post.  
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will give it a try and let you know
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Shelly - Just a heads up...If it's a RingCentral phone, it will be locked and Support can remote in and login to the Device to make this change.  RingCentral Phones are Locked by default and you will be unable to login to the IP Address if it's locked.   If the phone is a 3rd party device, RingCentral will not have the password to access the phone.   
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kim answered
For those seeing an issue with the time zone being incorrect  today. Please unplug your phone for 60 seconds, then plug it back in. 

Let me know if that helps.
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