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I would like to speak to a Tech Support rep in Canada or the States please... NOT the Phillipines.

Hello. I have spent over 2 hours wading through your customer service lines, being put on hold and hung up on. I have requested multiple times to speak to a rep in Canada (as is my right - I am allowed to request a Canadian rep rather than having my call routed to an overseas agent). Each time, my request has been met with hesitation and the excuse, "I can transfer you, but I have no guarantees the call will go through" and each time... I am routed back to an overseas agent.

One particular agent put me on hold because she was going to transfer me to her supervisor. 45 minutes later, she called my assistant as a "test" call, while I was still on hold. I intercepted the call, asked when her supervisor would be on the line and her response was, "you can hang up if you want". No. I asked to speak to a manager.

I have called every tech support line listed on your website in hopes of finding a rep that was located in Canada or the United States. Why is that so difficult? I have a couple minor issues that I need to have fixed and I don't have confidence in the reps I've talked to so far. They tell me "they think" they fixed the problems... after I explain it five times and they ask the same questions in four different ways. I am rapidly losing patience with your company and I HOPE someone from Canada or the States can call me back on this.
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U.S. based support is available for accounts with 20 or more digital lines only

If you post your questions here to our Community, we will be more than happy to answer them (this forum is managed by the U.S. Team). 

Also, feel free to VOTE on this Feature Request for your related request. 
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The response to my post was not very helpful; I have to follow up on it here because the comment button on your response was no longer available.
Are you a ring central employee able to resolve problem?
You want me to ask the community to resolve our company problems with Ring Central; they will change the spelling and addresses of our account, make sure we get the invoices addressed to the right email. why should I ask a community of customers to take care of Ring Central work.  If that is what I understood.  DeeL
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Daniele - Yes, I am a RingCentral employee able to help you.  I'd like to assist you in resolving your issue but I need more details specific to your case.  Please email the details and case number to  c  so that I can investigate this for you.
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Bobbie~ I just wanted to check in and see if we can help answer any of your troubleshooting questions?
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Try working with a Ring Central Reseller.  We have the certification and knowhow to solve most issues and when RC needs to be called we have our own tech support group to go to.

Most of us are US based....

Thank you

Certified RC Installer  partner ID 331

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Kim, I read the post by BobbiJo Racette and thought how accurate, Ring Central is going to go down because of people whom they have given total monopoly over customer care in the Philippines. The check and balances put in place for rating the overseas staff is also under their own monopoly.  The overseas staff is more interested in getting you to give them good rating or recommend another customer so that they can get $2500.  Wow.  All we wanted was all of invoices to be forwarded to us in the headquarters instead of the separate locations and other admin stuff to make our lives easier for accounting purposes; We are still waiting for a phone number to be switched to another company.  I had some email that the rep. in the Philippines deleted instead of dealing with.  The people over there are working hand in hand to protect each other rather than help the customer.  Some act as if they understand English.  We have lived with it because of several reasons, but a company like 8X8 which support staff is US base is becoming appealing to me, except for all the work that it would require at the ground level to change.  IF ONLY Ring Central could step up.  If only, the problem for Ring Central is that NOW i have some time if I cannot resolve this, I will change. 
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@Daniele -

We value your feedback and the time it took for you to type up your response here. Please know that I will forward your comments to the necessary team.  If I can assist you with the experience you've had, please allow me to...I'd like you to email the the case number and emails that were not addressed to c

Thank you for your time, 

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