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Destkop App Fax: New Fax Template "Regular" Customizations

US RingCentral Office Enterprise
Desktop Version

This new desktop version was just downloaded today, and I noticed the new Fax template which includes additional fields (Name & Company).  When looking at a preview of the template, I noticed that the "FROM" section has the state & zip appear on a line below the city, like so:

John Smith
ABC Company Inc
12345 Main St  PO Box 6789
ST 12345

Furthermore, the phone number displayed for the FROM section is my direct number, not the main company number.

I'm wondering if there's a way to fix both of these issues on our end, and if this template can be customized to include our logo.

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I'm talking about the new template for the Desktop App which is called "Regular".  It's listed just under the option for "None".
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There's not a local file you can update, but if you click the Settings button (small gear wheel) at the bottom of the desktop application, then in the pop-up window click "Caller ID"  you'll see drop-down menus that allow you to change the Outbound Caller ID for both Calls and Texts.  

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With regard to your previous post regarding the location of the fields...If you create a custom fax sheet you can place the fields anywhere you want. I created two separate fax sheets (one with boxes around the fields and one without boxes [see below]). I also added a notice on the bottom of mine, which is the same notice I have on all my emails as well.

You can also "hard-code" your numbers into the form as well, just as I have done (redacted in then example below) with my toll-free number and the fax number.

There is information, including how to download a sample fax sheet with fields, located here:

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Here's a screen shot of my custom fax sheet with boxes around the field, which I referred to in my previous post. FYI...On the recipient side the }Recipient Zip Code} is actually a portion of the previous line. It shows on a separate line due to the length of the field variable. If something was actually in there it might look like, "New York 10001". Of course, with a custom fax sheet you can do any design you'd like using the field variables.

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You should be able to change it in the online portal.  See the instructions on this page:   Setting Up the Fax Cover Page on the RingCentral Online Account
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I already checked, and there's nothing that needs to/can be changed with regards to the issues listed above by going to that settings menu.

The Outbound Fax Number is displayed properly as what it's set with, as is the location address.  I need to change the Phone caller ID from my direct # to our main company #, and move the state & zip to the same line as the city.

Is there a local file of the cover sheets stored on my computer when the Desktop App is downloaded?  Would I be able to edit that?
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Hi Eric,  Our product team periodically makes changes to the cover pages.  There are quite a few fax cover templates so not sure which one you are referring to.  However, you can certainly create a custom fax cover if you wish.  

Setting Up a Custom Fax Cover Page on the RingCentral desktop app

If you want to see changes on any of the existing templates please comment on the following thread. 
Fax: Bring back, or add additional fields to customize fax cover sheets

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