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Make "Disable" actually disable the line

We hire a new sales rep. That sales rep is, lets say, Mark. On Mark's first day, I sit down with him and do all the on-boarding tasks, one of which is to setup and activate his RingCentral line.

of that setup is to configure a forwarding line. If he receives a call over lunch or receives a call over the weekend, he wants it to go to his cell phone. We go into the "Call Handling and Forwarding" area during setup and configure his forward.

After 9 months, lets say, he punches his boss in the face and steals his laptop. This is obvious grounds for termination, and he is escorted out. He returns his laptop from his car because of pending criminal charges, and we process his termination. We revoke access to company software, disable RingCentral accounts, reset any API tokens, etc.

Two weeks later, he tells us that he is sick of getting sales calls forwarded to his phone. We check the logs, and he has - in fact - been receiving calls. One of those calls was from a very large opportunity we had been nurturing for longer than Mark was with us. We listen to the call, and Mark tells the client a bunch of lies. We apparently stole from him, abused him, and have been hacked numerous times by foreign attackers.

The hundred million dollar opportunity is no longer within reach.

Even though we disabled his phone line.

Before he left the building.

Thanks RingCentral. You da best.

Disclaimer: nothing nearly this bad happened to us, but the point is still the same: we hired someone, they added forwarding (as most staff do), we let them go, disable the line, and they still continue getting calls.

I spoke with support about this, but they seem to be under the impression this is actually a feature. They say that its to help forward that users calls to their manager. However, I have worked with support multiple times to re-assign extensions and direct numbers both to other individuals in the company. This seems like the far better solution instead of leaving a hole in the system a hole in the system.

We run a SaaS product similar to - for example - Basecamp, and we would never dream of doing this:

A customer creates an account for a new staff member. That staff member is added on high profile projects. That employee then, for some reason or another, gets termed. They log into our platform and disable a user. Two weeks later they find out that the user is only blocked from the web versions and desktop apps; native mobile apps (iOS/Android) are still left active. The employee had sent messages to all the high profile accounts one night at 3AM telling them how terrible we are to work for and how bad the culture is. They immediately reach out, and when asked, we tell them it was intentional for letting the employee send exit paperwork to their managers.

Do you think they would accept that?

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This is the area I checked (per Support)

According to support, if we delete the extension, we lost access to call logs. We don't want to lose access to call logs since we want to be able to pick up where they left off (see who they were contacting, what calls have been missed, etc).

There is just one disable button, right? I'm not totally missing something?
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Case number 04705798
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If you need to keep the extension, then I recommend moving the number to Auto-Receptionist until you have a new hire and then create a new extension for that user with the number they need. This allows any and all calls that were going to that user to be routed to the main number call flow.   It's not recommended that you re-use the old extension. 

There are two locations for you to disable an extension. The one listed above or this one below under User Details: 

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Are they both the same? Do both buttons function identically?

I'm still slightly confused. Are you telling me that I need to do more than just "disable" the line to disable the line?

I am really confused why I've received so much pushback from employees (our rep, support, as well as on here) about asking a disable button to actually disable the line entirely. The button seems to be "Disable outbound calling and some inbound".

Am I making sense? It seems to me like RingCentral seems to be defending a disable button not actually disabling a line and I cannot wrap my head around why that would be the case.

Yes, I can go in and disable the forwarding on this line (which I have done). But the next termination will leave me in the same place. I disable an account in Salesforce and it actually disables the account. I disable an account on Basecamp and it actually disables an account. I disable a Google Apps for Business account and it actually disables the account.

Why does clicking a button labeled "Disable" not actually disable the line entirely?

I don't care right now about giving the managers access to their incoming calls. That's done when requested. I just want to make sure the employee who isn't with us anymore can't use their work number anymore.
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Yes they are the same.

The disabled button does completely disable the extension. I tested this today and was not able to duplicate your scenario.  Disabling the extension does disable it completely and the message I posted early is presented to the caller.  

If you need to keep the extension to receive the call logs, that is okay. However it is recommended that the number be moved to Auto-Receptionist so that they calls can go to the main number. After you are done with the extension it is recommended that you completely delete the old extension and generate a new one for a new employee. 
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I'm more than happy to test this on the extension you are talking about if you want to provide me with the necessary info: extension & phone number. 
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If the extension was disabled correctly, then when someone calls the extension's direct line they get the error message, " I'm sorry that extension is not recognized. Thank you for calling goodbye" and then the call is disconnected.  When they call the main number and entered in his extension number, the call would have stayed were it was (in queue, or other). 

Please have the Admin check to make sure the extensions are being disabled correctly.  Also a good rule is to delete the extension completely after an employee moves on and the number will be routed to the Auto-Receptionist and will follow the main number rules. 
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