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Network: Netgear AC1750 Port Triggering

As the title says, I am trying to setup port triggering on my AC1750 router. I have the list of ports from the "Ports and Firewalls" page, but that's not the problem. This is the page where I add port triggering entries:

The "Port and Firewalls" page has a list of port ranges for source and destination, but the router only lists a single triggering port, then a range for the inbound connection. I do not know which port I should set as the triggering port, and what ports need to be the inbound range. Any help is appreciated.
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You will create a New Rule (e.g. RC1, RC2, RC3...).  Change TCP to  UDP and TCP as needed. 
      Go to this page and create a rule for each listed here:  Network requirements 

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Hello Admin Extension,

That is correct. You want to Triggering Port to be the first port in the range. For the range 5060-6000 you will enter the Triggering Port as 5060. For the range 4000-5000 you will enter the Triggering Port as 4000, and so on and so forth for all the port ranges you have been given for the RingCentral services.

As Mike mentioned, you will create an individual rule for each of the different ranges. There are a few ports that are not in a range but just one single port, for example, port 123 for data and time synchronization. For those ranges, you will put the Triggering Port as 123, and the Starting Port and Ending Port both as port 123.
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How soon can we expect this upcoming release?
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Hello Eric,  I just checked and there's no ETA available for this yet. 
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I've been looking at this page for port info: Ports and Firewalls, and I'm still not sure which port should be listed as the "triggering port" or whether to use the source or destination port ranges. Should I just open the ports from the link you sent? If so, what is the "triggering port"?
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I am thinking about buying this same router. It would be really good to have well-written, thorough, totally-complete, hand-holding step-by-step instructions for this for we dummies, so that we don't have to wonder what partial instructions really mean.
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