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Call handling - not ringing to my cell number in a group or a second group of numbers

I have several extensions set up depending on what message I need for the caller to hear and then how to handle the call, who should receive it, hours, etc.  

For example, extension #1 is set to first ring a group of my home phone and cell phone for 15 seconds.  Then to ring a second group of my home phone and answering service for 75 seconds. (Note: The "home" phone number is a Cisco SPA-122 ATA.)

Sometimes my cell phone rings and sometimes it does not. (???)

Sometimes it goes on to ring the second group and the answering service picks it up and sometimes it does not. (???)

I have tried several different things (number if seconds, sequentially, simultaneously, grouped, ungrouped numbers, call que groups, take a message and do not take a message, but ring a number, desktop apps & smartphones on and off, etc.) I just can't get this to work.

What seems simply to me eludes me. :(  When the caller presses ext. #1, I want both my home and cell number to ring simultaneously, so I can answer either one - depending on where I am.  If I don't answer either one within the allotted 15 seconds, I want it to ring the second group.  This continues to ring my home phone plus the answering service number simultaneously who will then definitely pick up within just a few rings when sent to them and I don't answer at home.

I also REALLY always have had trouble with horrible call quality - especially when I call out using the RingCentral for iPhone app. (Calling out from the Cisco SPA-122 ATA home phone is better than the iPhone App, but it still is NOT very good.)

I've recently changed the setting on the app to always use Cellular Voice (RingOut) to try to improve the call quality. I'm wondering if changing this is interfering with ringing IN to my cell phone?

Another much less important problem is that I also would really love for the deskphone and smart phone app to notify me when a call comes in, so I can see who is calling if I'm at my computer.  I don't want it to wait to begin forwarding, because this just adds to the callers wait time if I'm NOT at my computer, so I have it on, but Wait 0 seconds before forwarding begins.

My business was new when I signed up and I didn't worry too much at first, but it's growing and I've really got to get these problems nailed down and resolved.

Thank you!

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Hi  NCH IVR Laura L Hawley,  

It looks like there is really just a series of troubleshooting steps to go through to see whats going on. To diagnose these issues, we'll really need to look at the account, #s, users, rules, etc.  We appreciate you posting to the Community but for combined issues like this, it's going to be best to call us when you have some time. It looks like your account is a 1DL Professional plan so you have phone support for from  5:00 a.m.6:00 p.m. PT, MondayFriday. 

The call quality is almost always related to the network being used.  There are a lot of variables. The best place to start for call quality is by checking this thread for Network Requirements

If your router is correctly configured and you are still experiencing poor quality, then it's a good idea to run the PingPlotter test, capture the results/screenshots and then open a support case.  

For the iPhone, PingPlotter does make a mobile version (not available for Android at this time), which will help you troublehshoot the mobile app. You can also start by doing a simple speed test using here:


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