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Can I port numbers out of RingCentral if I ever wanted to move the number to another provider?

I am thinking about signing up to Ring Central. I have various questions which I wanted to email, but I can't find an email address anywhere on the website to send the questions to or a form. There is a call me back sales form which I have already completed.

Anyway, my main question is about porting numbers. I have been with a UK Voip company for about 6 years now. I have really good telephone number, and I wanted to know if I moved it to RingCentral, and if the worst case scenario happened and I didn't like it for some reason, and I wanted to move to another company, can I port my number out of Ring Central without any penalty? I can understand if I was in a contract, and that I would need to finish my contract, but otherwise would I be able to move my number out without a penalty cost. As some companies punish you for moving out!

Another question I have is about non-geographic numbers. If I get an 0330 or 0333 number through RingCentral, is the calls received on it counted as your Non Geographic inbound minutes. If so, I don't understand why this is, because it costs the same as calling any landline number, and the person or company receiving the call also doesn't pay and is also the same as any UK landline number. I could understand for 0845 or 0800 numbers. I am a bit confused because the way it is written on this page, it seems to say it will be treated like any landline number:

I have many more questions but those are the 2 most important ones. Thank you in advance. 
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Hello Ryan,  Is this the form you filled out?  If so, someone should be getting back to you. Also, you can click the Sales Chat Link at the top of the page to get a live Sales Chat agent. 

FYI.. you can indeed port numbers out of RingCentral if you need to. The billing inquiries should be addressed with Sales. 


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Jan, FYI... From the Community topics we can only open a single case for the original poster "Confidential" for this thread. So... I'll Fork your comments into a new thread, and create a case for you too.  I believe you've supplied enough info here.  Thanks

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jb-ferguson avatar image jb-ferguson commented · problem. I thought you could grab the entire thread and include any info on it.
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