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Gmail App & ProsperWorks Still BETA Here's Why:

We were excited to read that ProsperWorks was working now with RingCentral and there was a RingCentral app to put right into our Gmail.

It was very hard to find out how to integrate them. We gave up once we realized it really doesn't work at all.

Our thought was that our company sales rep could click on a link in the ProsperWorks extension inside Gmail and call the prospect.... all from within gmail. In our excited minds, this would keep a record of it in RingCentral and make the whole process quick and streamlined.

The first issue with this supposed integration is that Prosperworks doesn't 'link" the phone number. So it's not clickable at least in the Gmail App. We need to copy/paste the phone number to call. But it didn't stop there.

We found major issues with RingCentral for Chrome/Gmail. Downloading the extension was easy, but when we made a call, It called the number, and when someone answered, they were not speaking to us, we could hear nothing. They were on hold to leave a message for us.

After about an hour with support we had it setup so outgoing calls as you would expect them seemed to work.... but there were more issues!!!

The Gmail app won't hang up a call. To hang up a call, you must go to the RingCentral Desktop App to hang up, which we didn't have. So in order to hang up a call in the RingCentral Gmail Chrome Extension, we need to also have open the RingCentral Desktop App so we can then hang up the call on that App.

We spent 3 hours sharing our desktops with a dedicated RingCentral person on both PC & Mac and ended up giving up on the RingCentral Gmail App. If we have to copy and paste the phone number in, and can't hang up in Gmail ... why bother? Hope they get it out of BETA soon!
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I think I may see where the confusion is.  It sounds like the Google Chrome extension is actually working fine. However in order to make outbound calls and have full functionality through the extension, the user needs to log in with their own DL.  

Once logged in, click the settings (gear wheel) icon and go select "Browser" from the drop-down menu shown.  

After a call is dialed and connected, the view will change and display a button like shown below, which allows you to disconnect the call.  There is no need to have the desktop app installed.  The Chrome extension will work alone and have nearly all the same functionality as the Desktop App as long as the user logs in with their own DL. 

I think the 2nd point of confusion is that RingCentrals integration is with Google's Chrome browser, not with ProsperWorks.  However, there is another 3rd party integration that may help you out.  

Take a look at this Zapier page.  Zapier is a different integration but it works sort of like a connector between RingCentral and many other applications. 

ProsperWorks and RingCentral 

Let us know if this helps!

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