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New user or add an extension or something else??

I'll try to keep this as short as possible while still giving a thorough picture of what I have set up and what  I'm wanting to do...

We are a chauffeur/Taxi type ride service..

This is how our account is currently set up:
I have the Professional account. Our main number is set up with no IVR, as I want callers coming directly to me, or put in our queue to be answered as soon as I am available. When a call comes in we have skipped the main company greeting because we have automatic call recording turned on, so our greeting message (which includes a call recording disclaimer) still plays before it routs the call to me or the queue. The only other extension I have set up right now is a message only extension to take reservations when we are not open. (Our closed greeting is different from our open greeting and it prompts callers to that extension if they want to schedule a reservation). 

This is what we want to modify our account to allow us to do:
When we get a call, we then dispatch our client to a driver (contractor) in the field to complete the ride. Currently the contractors are using their personal cell phones to contact the client when they arrive. We would like for them to be able to download the RingCentral app, and have all client communication coming through our account. We can not do this with our main company number because their phones would be ringing off the hook, and we don't want them to be able to monitor the main company numbers call log to see what clients are calling etc.

I originally thought that I would just create a new extension called field operations, and assign a new phone number to it, and then create an IVR and give each driver their own extension number under that phone number, bur from what I can tell so far this won't work either because I would have to have the IVR set up under the main company number, and we don't want our callers to have to go through any kind of menu before being routed to the dispatcher or being put in the queue...

The only other thing I've thought of that may work would be to set the new number for the drivers as the main company line, and give each of the drivers their extension while excluding our actual main company number from that menu, but I'm not sure how that would effect our ability to monitor our real main numbers call log, which we use a lot, especially for the recordings.

I hope I have explained this clearly. Am I missing something? Is there an easy way to accomplish what we are wanting to do? At this point it almost seems like I might need to get a separate account all together (but it would sure be nice if we could keep everything under one account).

Thanks in advance for the advice! 

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Hello! Did you want all calls to the main number to still be directed to you or somewhere else? 
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Hi! We still want the calls to our main company number to go directly to the dispatcher (usually me) or put in the queue to be answered. 
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Got it! I want to fully understand the setup you're imagining so I have a few questions:

When your drivers call a customer did you want the driver's caller ID to show the Main Company Number? Or would you prefer it to show the driver's own Direct Dial Number?
Your main goal is to get the drivers off their personal cell phones and for you to be able to log incoming/outgoing calls through the Admin Portal via the Call Log, correct?

I feel like I might be missing something so feel free to include more details of what you're envisioning :)

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Correct! We really want all communication coming through our account and off of the drivers personal phones if possible.

Honestly, we're OK with either of those caller I.D. scenarios, whether it shows the main company number, or a separate number. We've been leaning more towards showing a separate number though, that way they could leave a message for a client to call them back if the client doesn't pick up. As far as when that number was dialed we would have a greeting play saying you have reached our field operations line, press 0 now to book a ride (which would then forward them to our main company number again), or for driver name 1 press XX, driver name 2 press XX etc...

I hope I'm explaining this somewhat clearly, I kind of feel like I'm rambling!   :)
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No worries at all! :)

So, I would definitely create extensions for you drivers - each having their own direct dial number.

Regarding using an IVR, there are a few things you could do. 
1) You could easily add an IVR menu as your main company greeting and it could say something along the lines of: "To make a reservation, press 0 (which then goes to you or the queue). If you need to contact a driver, press 1 (this will then move the caller to a sub-menu where you can list your drivers and their extension numbers for the customer to select)

So caller dials your main company number, hears the IVR menu, then selects the appropriate action based on their need.

Would this configuration work for you or did you have something else in mind for work flow? :)

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