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Refuses to refund even though I never signed up for an account.

I have been billed for services for the past 11 months. I always thought Ring Central was an add on service for my ATT account. I joined ATT in December of 2018, and Ring Central started billing me in January 2019.  

Today, I received a call from an account representative asking me to update my billing information. I asked a few questions and told her I was not aware of ever signing up for an account and she said she would cancel the account. I told her I wanted to be refunded since I didn't sign up for the service and she gave me a reference number to call back.  When I called back with the reference number, I was put on the phone with a man by the name of Ron. He told me beyond cancelling the service there was nothing he could help me with and that I should have paid more attention to my credit card statement.  He said it looked like I used the service one time in January to send a lease.  I asked him if I could have the phone number the lease was sent to and he said he could not because they didn't have access to that information.  He was pretty much useless.  I called back, hoping to get a different agent to help me.  After being placed on hold for 15 minutes, she said I have used the account every month. I told her that she was mistaken because I have NEVER SENT A FAX, she said.. "maybe you don't remember it like you don't remember signing up for an account".    I told her I did not sign up for an account and I did not use the service.  After going around for her for 10 minutes, she was able to pull up the information for the "activity" for the past 60 days.  Apparently, the activity was auto dialers calling the fax number... not faxes.  The activity was all errrors because whoever set up this FRAUD account, didn't sign up for voice service.  
SO THE ACTIVITY shown on my account had NOTHING to do with me.  Ive never used the service, never signed up for the service, the email used to sign up for the service IS over 2 years old and stagnant. The agent accused
 me of sending faxes only to find out it was errors due to auto dialers.

This company refuses to issue a refund.  I will be writing bad reviews on their customer service and making a claim through Visa that they are allowing fraudulent activity.  I have voice recordings of the 2 customer service reps who were extremely rude and pretty much told me to go suck a lemon...   I will be posting them to every social media outlet available.

I bet I cost your company more than the $14.95 you were fraudulently charging me.  Starting now.  
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At some point, someone signed up for an account and gave RC your credit card number. That's all RC knows. If you believe someone used your credit card fraudulently, you should contact your credit card company. If you didn't know it was used fraudulently, I'm not sure how you think RC would know. 

If you do not believe the credit card was used fraudulently, then you signed up for the service.

Your use, or lack of use, is irrelevant. 

Your credit card was used to signup for the service. RC provided the service. You don't want the service, RC canceled the service. Personally, I wouldn't expect a different reaction from RC. 

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We're happy to look into this issue. Please send an email to and we'll go from there. 

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